Martial Arts

Martial Arts (7 to 12 years old + Adults)

Martial arts training helps to develop an indomitable spirit in practitioners of any age and any skill level. FPMA martial arts program focuses on increased concentration, ability to memorize and awareness. Many of our students say there is no better stress relief than coming onto the mat and pushing their minds, bodies and spirits to the limits.

Martial Arts: Juniors

Freddie Poole Beginner’s Course (White Belts):

This class begins with traditional Chung Do Kwon (Tae Kwon Do) and karate. Students learn basic commands, basic stances and blocks, and basic kicks and punches. This program implements boxing to enhance and modernize the system. Students’ progress through short-term goals (stripes) to reach their long-term goal (colored rank). Students learn practical and situational self-defense as well. Classes are thirty minutes (for greater retention of material), in a fun, yet disciplined and true martial arts environment.

Freddie Poole Intermediate Course (Orange through Purple belts):

The Freddie Poole Intermediate Karate Course focuses on the student’s concentration and increases physical fitness through agility and coordination drills. Balance and kicking technique are emphasized as well as an introduction to sparring technique and strategy. Each step of the way, children are guided towards a true understanding of their new found skills and associated responsibilities. To balance and complete the intermediate program, students will learn basic judo and take downs (blue belt). Class time will increase to 45 minutes to an hour long.

Freddie Poole Advanced Course (Red through Black Belt):

In the Freddie Poole Advanced Karate Program, students are introduced to advanced technique drills and advanced forms. Students’ progress to a more intense and advanced sparring level in preparation for Black Belt. To create a well-balanced program and student, the Freddie Poole Advanced course focuses on self-defense and mental awareness, with a heavy emphasis on grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fitness goals.

Martial Arts: Adults

The adult curriculum is a structured traditional program complimented by modern training techniques that provide students the opportunity to understand theory as well as practical application.

Students learn techniques and strategies that can truly be life-saving skills as well as give overall fitness. New students will see improvement in their coordination, flexibility and muscle tone in just a few short weeks. Those who become proficient in martial arts will have better stamina, strength and peace of mind that comes from knowing they can efficiently and effectively defend themselves.