About Freddie

Freddie Poole began martial arts training in 1981, at the age of seven years old. He began studying at Southwest Karate Academy under Demetrius “Golden Greek” Havanas. Southwest Karate Academy produced some of the best martial arts champions and competitors in the world, at that time. The 80’s were the tail end of the “Texas Blood and Guts” era of martial arts. The lineage began with Jhoon Rhee and his first black belt was Allen Steen. Steen went on to train many black belts and students and Texas was known for producing some of the best fighters in the country. Tim Kirby, Billye Jackson, Raymond McCallum, and Santae Wilson Jr.  were some of the world-class competitors who had influence over Poole’s training and development.

Poole received his 1st degree black belt in 1986, under Tim Kirby, Billye Jackson and Raymond McCallum. Poole competed in the AOK and was a top ranked competitor in forms and fighting for many years as a junior competitor.

Poole began working for and training with long time friend and kickboxing/MMA champion Guy Mezger in 1993. Poole began honing his boxing and kickboxing skills with Mezger, Billye Jackson, Santae Wilson Jr. and Coach Charles Brown and went on to win a national title in 1997, which earned a spot on the US National Kickboxing team.

Poole’s boxing experience comes from training with some of the best coaches in the business. Phil Sawyer and Olympic Boxing Bronze medalist Charles Brown have influenced Poole in his boxing training, as well as Alex Andrade, David Douglas and Michael Montoya.

Poole has several years of Muay Thai experience, training with Francisco Sanchez of New World Combat, as well as World Muay Thai champion and MMA veteran Pete Spratt and Muay Thai champion Jason House.

Poole’s Judo experience comes from training with Master Vince Tamura and Judo Black Belt Rico Castro.

Poole currently trains under the tutelage of 8th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master, Carlos Machado, where he holds a brown belt and is a proud affiliate of Machado Jiu Jitsu. Poole has also trained with many talented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts including Kenny McClure, Jeff Sawyer, Rico Castro and Taryn Douglas.

Poole has competed all over the United States and internationally in Europe, winning a KICK International title in 2004 along with many team karate titles from 1999-2004. Poole also fought for Team Texas in Chuck Norris’s televised fight league, The World Combat League.

Poole has performed and worked alongside some of the top names in the action world including Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Ben Affleck, Jason Statham and many others. Poole can be seen on popular television shows like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, From Dusk till Dawn and Marvel’s AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D, to name a few.  He has also served as a stunt double, performing various feats of action for actors Sylvester Stallone, Frank Grillo, Jesse Metcalfe as well as many others. As a fight coordinator and stunt coordinator, Poole oversees and is in charge of action for feature films that can be seen anywhere from Netflix to the big screen and network TV shows!